We are Pioneering the Future

We are Honoring the Past

We are Empowering the Creatives

Future/Past Creatives is an art outsource studio that is comprised of industry veterans from across the gaming industry,
our combined experience has allowed us to develop the skills which suit industry professionals, companies, and client needs.
Working on multiple titles, engines, and projects, we have the skills needed to tackle any type of game or real time project.




We can work with any proprietary or special engine setup but we maintain a focus and specialty on Unreal Engine. Knowing the ins and outs of the engine we can work to make sure your content is optimized and shipping ready.


We match our industry leading skills to specifically fit your project, pipeline, and needs. Our artists specialties cover construction of environments, props, weapons, vehicles, structures, textures, shaders and scene layout.


We will guide you through the every step of the process to create high quality Props and environments for AA, AAA & Mobile Games, You can join advance courses to specialise in Props, Building, Nature, Vehicles, Weapons or Materials.

About Us

Learning from the past and Creating the Future

Our Business

FPC is an art outsourcing studio collective of industry veterans alongside rising young talents. We are ready to help you with anything game related from story-driven projects to FPS games. Our scope of assistance includes full-on game development, character and environment art, level design, rigging and animation.

FPC’s mission is simple and upfront. We tend to deliver constant quality as we strive to keep a long-term relationship with our clients. Utilizing our advanced and novel skills has resulted in time and budget efficient methods suitable for small indie studios as well as AAA projects.

Experienced working with multiple studios types ranging from AAA, AA, Indies, Startups and more. We work to your specific platforms including VR, Mobile, Broadcast, Console, and PC. We adapt to any workflow, process, style or method desired to match your project and pipeline.

We Collaborate & Innovate Creative Ideas

  • Scene Layout and Design
  • VR, Console, & PC Production
  • Unreal engine Specialist
  • Asset Creation & PBR Texturing
  • 3D prototype to Look Development
  • Hard Surface and Organic Modeling
  • 3D Education & Mentoring



Our work can be found in many of the industry's AAA, Mobile and Indie Games

Environment, Props & Foliage

Environment & Foliage

Environment & Props

Environment, Props & Foliage

Buildings, Props & Tracks

Foliage, Props & Environment